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Home Office Alternatives: 5 Places to Do Work Outside of Your House

December 20, 2021

Home offices are not the only way to run your business from home. Here’s a list of five places to do work that aren’t your home office.

A home office is an integral part of many entrepreneurs’ lives. Whether you are working from home to be with your family more or you’re just trying to save money by cutting down on commercial rent, the benefits of working from home are obvious.

Unfortunately, for many people, the dream of working from home becomes a nightmare when they realize just how difficult it can be to maintain a healthy work-life balance. When work is right where you live, it can feel like a constant struggle between finding a quiet place to get things done and pulling yourself away from your computer to spend time with your family.

If you work from home but need something to keep your business and personal lives separate, here are five options.

5 Places to Do Work That Aren’t Your Home Office

1. Library

Libraries are a great resource if you need a quiet place to work away from your home office. You can work in peace for free with access to restrooms and research materials for hours on end. However, if your business requires face-to-face meetings or frequent phone calls, a library is not an ideal space for your needs.


2. Coworking Space

If you need a space away from home where you can interact with clients and coworkers for a fraction of the price of a traditional office lease, a coworking space may be your best option. The working atmosphere is much more professional than a coffee shop, and with a membership, you get access to all kinds of amenities. For entrepreneurs who need a space that legitimizes their business, a coworking space is a fantastic option.


3. Coffee Shop

Your typical coffee shop is happy to offer you a simple space to work on your laptop if you buy food and refreshment, but you should be aware of public work etiquette—conducting meetings or taking calls may be disruptive to other customers, and sitting at a table for more than a few hours without at least purchasing a few cups of coffee could be seen as taking advantage of the owner’s good will. The free public Wi-Fi and access to coffee can still make your local coffee shop a great option if you only need to get out of the house for a few hours of solitary work.


4. Executive Suite

For something more exclusive than a coworking space, you may want to upgrade to an executive suite. The privacy that an executive suite offers allows you to run your business how you want—you and your clients can discuss your business in a dedicated, professional space that reflects your business’s image and reputation.


5. Conference Room

If you work with a team, you may need a space that can accommodate a large group of people who want to get down to business. Are you giving a big presentation to a prospective client? Whether you need to rent a conference room for a single meeting or recurring work, you can count on CoSuite to provide an immaculate space that meets your standards.


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