5 Ways to Beat the Summer Slump with CoSuite

July 15, 2021

Summer often flies by quickly with family vacations and outdoor fun but for businesses, things can hit a major halt! Sometimes all that is needed is a change of scenery and a great community to avoid the summer slump. A change of workspace could be the difference in your focus and energy to push through your slow session.

Face it, we are hardwired to want to cut loose and enjoy the summer – especially in South Florida! While our inner child is running barefoot and free, totally refusing to take summer life seriously, our adult selves are daydreaming of being outside, at the beach, at the pool, and just about anywhere but in the office. Work seems to slow down in the summer due to colleagues and clients taking vacations. It is a well-established fact that vacations can boost productivity, give your life more perspective and nurture a healthy mindset. “When companies encourage workers to take time off, employees feel cared about and are more motivated,” said Katie Denis, vice president for research and narrative at Consumer Brands Association. So, how do you keep the “summer slump” from affecting your productivity and motivation now that summer is upon us? Consider these ideas that we have gathered here at CoSuite.


  1. Go ahead and plan your vacation

Get your vacation plans sorted out and settled as soon as you can so you do not spend valuable time searching for accommodations, booking airline tickets, and things to do and see at your chosen vacation destination – that reduces your productivity. Getting your vacation plans out of the way, you will be better able to focus on work and leave daydreaming for your breaks and mealtimes. Planning your vacation helps motivate you to work harder and smarter knowing that you will soon be off to your summer destination and relaxing on your vacation. Sometimes just a change of scenery can fight off “summer slacker syndrome.” At flexible shared office spaces, members set their hours which is one of the reasons business professionals choose these types of work environments.

  1. A change of scenery

Join a coworking space, such as CoSuite, where the choice to work where you will stay motivated is up to you. For remote workers, a change of scenery helps get them out of the house and to work in a professional environment occasionally. At flexible shared office spaces, members head off those summertime blues by working in an upscale office, with everything they need to perform at an optimum level, including business-class machines and equipment, super-fast Internet, and high-end amenities. We encourage members to work where they feel motivated and inspired whether that means working on the patio for the first part of the day, in their private office suite for part of the day, or in our inspiring community areas for a bit. Moving to different areas can keep your brain in production mode during the summer slump. Taking a working vacation at a new work location also keeps remote workers in touch with their local business communities where they can interact with other business professionals.

  1. Meet some new people

Just like on vacations, where people are more likely to meet new people, flexible shared office spaces offer many opportunities to chat with a community of people that share your passion for business. Now is a great time to get to know some of the other people in your coworking or flexible shared office spaces.

  1. Organize or sign up to participate in an event

Office field trips and company cookouts can keep you motivated during the summer! Join a civic or business baseball, softball, golf, or tennis team and have some fun competing with your peers. Attend company-sponsored events, such as baseball games or picnics at a nearby park to relax and get to know some of your business associates on a more personal level. Host an educational event at your flexible shared office space and serve summer drinks and appetizers during the social networking part of your event.

  1. Those things you have been meaning to do

Slow summer days can go faster if you dig into some of those projects you have been meaning to tackle “when you have the time.” Guess what? That time is now. Getting started will probably be the hardest part of these chores but the satisfaction of accomplishing this project will make the effort more than worthwhile. Setting aside Fridays for these projects and relaxing dress codes for the day can make these days more motivating. Another way to engage workers on a slow summer day is to set up training sessions, most likely virtually, to learn something they are interested in. Let your team go a little wild with some interest they are passionate about, that does not directly connect with work. According to a Fundbox article, “You never know when an employee who’s been given free rein (within reason) might come up with a truly transformative idea.” Working from this perspective, the article goes on to say, “This is the reason many of today’s leading organizations – like Google, Oracle, and Microsoft – have set up internal innovation centers where workers are encouraged to explore new ideas.” You just never know.

What we do know is that summer is here and we are all programmed to want to go outside and enjoy nature and the multi-faceted activities summer is famous for. Even if it is just lying on a beach, under an umbrella snoozing, summer leans into relaxing more than any other time of the year. With people taking their family summer vacations and going off on adventures of all sorts, it is easy to see how focus and productivity back at the office can slow down during the summer. CoSuite is designed with you in mind. We are dedicated to motivating spaces that inspire creativity that could lead to collaboration.

Contact CoSuite to see how we can make your summer sizzle whether you’re in Boca Raton or Brickell-Miami.