Business Planning in Uncertain Times – Navigating Change During COVID-19

Employee Wearing CoSuite Mask

Business Planning in Uncertain Times – Navigating Change During COVID-19

September 23, 2020

As America reopens, the COVID-19 pandemic remains front and center in our day-to-day lives. Stay-at-home orders, face coverings, social distancing, and limitations on group gatherings have made an impact on not only our interactions with others but on our lives entirely. The pandemic presents a plethora of changes and challenges for all businesses. Traditional office spaces, as well as flexible shared spaces, will look and feel vastly different. Businesses will have to pivot as they plan for the future.

Working from Home

Many businesses have found that working from home is a possibility. However, the popularity of shared flexible spaces was, in part, originally driven by startups and small business owners feeling isolated in their home offices. Along with mixing it up and engaging with their local business communities, remote workers also joined shared flexible office spaces to improve their work/life balance. Now, after several months of working from home, word on the web is that many people say they would rather work anywhere but at home. There is a large part of the workforce looking to find a better place to concentrate on their work.

Shared flexible desk spaces

While working from home may seem like the only option for some companies, shared flexible workspaces offer a safe place to work, with some differences in operations. Some shared flexible workspaces will convert their floor plans to include more private offices to ensure the safety and comfort of their members. CoSuite® offers more private offices geared to all professional businesses in Boca Raton and Brickell.

Virtual Office plans

For some businesses that don’t need a physical office, CoSuite® offers Virtual Office plans that allow business owners to have a presence in various prestigious locations.

Businesses are opting for flexible shared space options

Even before the current pandemic, many well-established companies were making the move to flexible shared workspaces. Large companies are opting for flexible shared office spaces for many reasons, including the huge savings these spaces offer, in addition to the social interaction with other members that are business owners. Although social activity will be on hold, many large companies may make the move, just to offset revenue losses due to COVID-19.

Larger spaces with more room to social distance

The COVID-19 pandemic may see flexible office spaces designed to create more space between people, as social distancing becomes part of our DNA. Soon, more private office options will replace open desk models. Conference rooms will be limited to fewer participants when in-person meetings are necessary.

CoSuite® is taking safety and health precautions for all members to feel safe. We also welcome companies looking to restructure in a flexible environment that allows them to focus on their core business, without skipping a beat. CoSuite® is designed to accommodate corporations, businesses of any size, teams, and individuals that are looking for flexible private office solutions that can help them navigate these uncertain economic times. CoSuite® can help your business recover and grow as we too navigate these changing times. With live receptionists, high end furnishings, and premium amenities, CoSuite® offers businesses and individuals the flexibility they need to work in comfortable upscale surroundings.

Contact us to schedule a tour of one of our locations – we would be happy to help you find a workspace solution that works for your business.