Cosuite Meet Our Members – Bryan Diaz

July 19, 2020

Shared, flexible office spaces provide a model that allows business professionals to focus directly on growing their companies, with all of the equipment and amenities they need to work every day, at a fraction of the cost of leasing their own commercial space. As these shared office spaces have grown into their own, many small, medium and large companies are choosing to remain in these spaces as they grow into the next successful phases. CoSuite offers private office suites in high-end, contemporary surroundings, with live receptionist services that enhance your professional profile. Now, as we are all navigating uncharted waters as we adjust to different ways of approaching our day to day, CoSuite Boca Raton takes an inside look at how members are creatively reshaping their businesses after the COVD-19 pandemic.

An Inside Look

This month, we take a closer look at CoSuite Boca Raton member Bryan Diaz. As a licensed Florida insurance agent since 1998, Bryan spent the last eight years, “starting insurance agencies for investors.” Bryan owns Design Insurance Inc. and says that what he enjoys most about the insurance industry is the opportunity to help others achieve their dream of owning a home. “My goal,” Bryan said, “is to make the insurance process as simple and hassle-free as possible. He went on to say that “Design Insurance completes the insurance processing in-house and obtains the necessary documents for underwriting,” ensuring a successful closing.

  • How did you become interested in this industry?

I chose this industry to help first time home buyers successfully purchase their home while educating them on the property and casualty industry in South Florida. I enjoy working with mortgage brokers and realtors to assist them in making their transactions easier.

  • How has your business been impacted by COVID-19?

Several smaller insurance agencies have closed, and others have reduced their staff. Mortgage brokers and realtors have experienced delayed processing and service times from their former insurance agents. I have received referrals from these brokers and realtors thereby increasing agency volume.

  • How are you adjusting to being back at work at CoSuite after the COVID-19 pandemic?

COVID-19 has adversely affected other insurance agencies. I had to hire a new employee during the pandemic to keep up with the increased workload.

  • What is the most rewarding or fulfilling aspect of your job?

Exceeding the expectations of current clients and receiving new referrals from them, their realtors, and mortgage brokers.

  • Share a little about your experience at CoSuite. When did you become a member? Why did you select CoSuite? What has been the best part about working at CoSuite?

I became a member in July 2018 after being referred by my real estate attorney. I chose CoSuite because of the location, amenities, and staff.


In his Yelp Review for CoSuite, Bryan wrote this about his experience:

I have been a member of CoSuite since July 2018. The management and staff go above and beyond to maintain a professional and collaborative work environment where businesses with different backgrounds can be productive and successful while sharing a common work environment. Attention to detail and genuine hospitality exist not only for members, but their clients as well. If you are looking for a new office with a great location and exceptional staff, I strongly urge you to contact CoSuite today.

  • Who or what has been the greatest inspiration in your career journey?

My years working for the Southwestern company selling educational books throughout the Midwest developed competitive selling techniques.

  • Share some tips or words of wisdom for other professionals just getting started.

Stay focused, work hard, sleep less, and set realistic expectations to accomplish your goals.


Up Close with Bryan Diaz

Bryan also shared with us, “Design Insurance is a multifaceted company that provides insurance at the most competitive rates in Florida.” He continued, “We offer insurance for homes, condos, rental properties, automobile, commercial, and life insurance. We are a full-service provider that prides itself on providing the best customer service in the business.”  In his spare time, Bryan enjoys spending time with his wife and three kids and playing the piano. When we asked Bryan to share an inspiring quote or the title of a book that speaks to him, he cited Jim Collins’ Good to Great. “It describes all different types of companies and what it takes to go from being an average company to becoming a great company. Hard decisions have to be made by top management that are often not liked by other board members and employees. It discusses management changes and corporate transactions that must occur to foster positive change.”


CoSuite Boca Raton makes an ideal flexible office environment for Bryan Diaz. During the pandemic, Bryan needed to hire an employee to help with the additional workload. CoSuite’s flexible monthly contracts made it simple for Diaz to add a new employee, seamlessly moving into the next phase of his business success. While working in flexible, shared office spaces may be different for a little while, as we move back into our business spaces, CoSuite is taking every precaution to keep you and your team safe and healthy including regularly sanitizing common areas and providing hand sanitizer throughout the facility. Watching business owners like Bryan grow their business excites us and motivates us to find new ways to continue to support our members.