Coworking Open Vs. Dedicated Desk 

March 21, 2023

Are you considering opting for a more flexible office working space and wondering about your options? Did you know that there were 4,000 coworking spaces in the US, with a prediction of an increase to 6,200 in 2022? As the trend of coworking spaces in Brickell Miami has increased with time, people now have multiple options to choose from. 

If you are trying to decide between a coworking open or a dedicated desk, then we at CoSuite have put together a guide that helps you make a wise choice. 

What is Coworking Open Desk?

Coworking Open Desks refers to a coworking space in which the space is flexible, and the desk can be used by anyone, based on availability. It is reserved on a first-come, first-serve basis with a daily pass or a monthly membership. Personal resources and supplies cannot be left behind on the desk, but other amenities in the space are available to you.  

Why Is It a Good Option? 

One of the biggest advantages of having a Coworking Open Desk Membership is reduced costs. You will only have to pay a certain amount when you want to rent a desk for yourself instead of paying for the entire month. It also provides increased flexibility which means you can work however and whenever you want. With flexible service agreement terms, you can easily book a coworking space with us at CoSuite.  

Who Can Opt for Coworking Open Desk? 

Professional individuals who are freelancers, new entrepreneurs, or looking for collaborations with teams can opt for coworking open desk. Moreover, people who need a change of space and environment and are a part of the creative industry can feel refreshed when they join us at CoSuite, a coworking space that offers plenty of amenities. 

What is a Coworking Dedicated Desk? 

A coworking dedicated desk is a workspace, within the coworking facility in Brickell Miami, where individuals can reserve their seats for everyday use. Dedicated desks are usually rented out on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. When you rent out a dedicated desk, you get a reserved seat in the coworking area, a personal lock box, and access to the open space amenities. No one else will be able to use your desk. 

How is a Coworking Dedicated Desk Beneficial? 

Renting out a dedicated desk at CoSuite will be beneficial as you will have a workspace that you will be able to call your own. You will have a sense of personal space, will become comfortable and relaxed in a familiar working environment, and won’t have to bring your equipment and supplies to the desk every day. Doesn’t that sound like such a relief? 

Who Can Benefit from a Coworking Dedicated Desk? 

People looking forward to building a business community or growing a small business can easily benefit from a dedicated desk. Moreover, a dedicated desk also allows people to socialize and network.

If you are looking for a trustworthy and cost-effective coworking solution, you can reach out to us at CoSuite. To book a working space, you can call us at 561-394-3525 (Boca Raton) or 305-614-3060 (Brickell-Miami) or visit us online.