Miami’s Tech Scene Is Growing – Flexible Offices Play a Role in Meeting the Demands of New Workforce

March 2, 2021

After years of trying to promote Miami as the next Silicon Valley, last May, a push by some major Latino investors including Miami native, Pitbull, former AOL CEO turned venture capitalist Steve Case, and classically trained British singer-songwriter with a blockchain venture, Imogen Heap, hosted a startup conference. Drawing more than 16,000 attendees from 40 countries, these included business executives, investors, and entrepreneurs.

Miami gets serious about its tech hub potential

In January 2021, as many news sources such as Forbes,, and have reported, “A passionate conversation about the Miami startup scene began on Twitter… after a Bay Area venture capitalist tweeted, ‘what if we move silicon valley to miami’ and Miami Mayor Francis Suarez responded, ‘How can I help?’’’ The revitalization and growth of Miami’s economy has been attracting more tech talent than ever before, providing the infrastructure to transform the tropical metropolis into the tech hub that it has long aspired to be.

Downtown Miami, one of the fastest-growing regions in the country

For several decades, Miami’s downtown has been growing as a financial center, due in large part to Latin American investments in the area. Just south of Downtown Miami, the Brickell neighborhood once featured lavish mansions; built by Mary and William Brickell in the early 20th century, it was reinvented starting in the 1970s into a growing financial district, where they rolled up the sidewalks at night. Today, Brickell is a thriving, sophisticated cosmopolitan district located in the city’s core, between Coral Gables and Miami Beach. Home to the largest concentration of international banks in the US, Brickell is also known as “Wall Street South.” Brickell’s financial standing is second only to New York City’s famed financial district. One of the most rapidly growing neighborhoods in Miami, Brickell’s gleaming high-rise apartment buildings rival Miami’s famous beachfront skyscrapers. With more young professionals who work in finance and law moving into the area, dining, shopping, entertainment venues, and more walkable green areas have sprouted up among the beautiful skyscrapers and residential luxury high-rises as people want to live near where they work in areas featuring great outdoor spaces.

Miami is attractive on so many levels

Recently, Crunchbase News featured Miami in its Emerging Startup Hubs Series, “Why Miami Is The Next Hot Tech Hub ‘This Is Not a Retirement Decision.’” Like many locations developed as a vacation destination and a haven for wealthy retirees from the northeast who “relocated to south Florida for better weather, cheaper housing, and the lack of a state income tax system,” a similar movement of venture capitalists, hedge fund managers, and technology leaders have been gaining momentum in Miami. When the pandemic turned everyone into remote workers, everyone’s technology skills got seriously savvy. So, would anyone expect us to return to a world with less technology after the pandemic? Startups and established companies saw how you could work from anywhere your technology allowed you to. People found that they could work in New York, Silicon Valley, or Miami, or all of the above. The pandemic also initiated a migration of people, out of crowded urban centers to places that supported outdoor living, such as Miami. With a myriad of outdoor activities that include some of the best beaches and water sports in the country, South Florida is also known for its natural beauty, on display in state parks and Everglades National Park.

Tech companies in demand

With technology at the forefront of almost every aspect of our lives, the need for innovative new tech is more in demand now than ever before. As technology has evolved, Brickell’s financial businesses and institutions have leveraged Miami’s tech community to fortify its ties to Latin American companies, without ever leaving Downtown Miami. As technology increasingly impacts every business and everyone, strong tech-based industries will thrive in Miami. Most coworking/flexible shared office spaces started as places for tech startups to work, share ideas and create a community of business owners and freelance workers where collaboration happened and new business ideas took shape. Gaining in popularity, as they did during and after the Great Recession, flexible shared office spaces such as CoSuite Brickell-Miami and CoSuite Boca Raton offer turnkey opportunities to tech startups during a time of economic uncertainty. Tech companies expect the convenience that growing enterprises need – to get in and get to work without the time and financial commitment of leasing a physical space of their own and halting the growth that companies experience when they opt to open and outfit their own offices.

High-speed Internet technology and scalable workspaces

The new workforce is eager to work in flexible, scalable spaces with amenities such as technologically advanced conference rooms, collaborative environments, and super-fast Internet. Gone is the party atmosphere associated with coworking spaces and crowded social networking events. People still want to work in spaces that inspire them to create in a community of like-minded business professionals they resonate with. As more mobile tech innovations evolve, people want to work where they feel the most productive and motivated, whether that’s a private office suite at CoSuite Brickell or in one of our other flexible space options.

Location matters

Some Silicon Valley and New York tech startups can work anywhere they want, so why not Miami? CoSuite, designed with tech companies in mind, accommodates in-person meetings in our tech-powered meeting and conference rooms in addition to converting our reception areas into a space for larger group meetings.

High tech industries are on the move to Downtown Miami. CoSuite Brickell-Miami offers convenient, scalable office suites for your tech company to work, day after day, or when you’re not in New York or Silicon Valley. Tech is influencing more and more of our lives and allowing everyone to be more mobile than we already were before COVID. Located just north of Downtown Miami, CoSuite Brickell offers flexible membership plans, scalable private office suites, hi-tech conference rooms, and a place where connection and activity interact in inviting spaces that work to solidify Miami’s tech hub status. Contact CoSuite to grow your tech startup in the area everyone wants to be – Brickell.