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Need A Business Address? How to Choose The Right Virtual Mailbox for Your Business

September 30, 2021

Need a business mailing address? This article considers several options to choose the right virtual address for your business from location to types of additional services provided.

Consider your business’s needs in respect to access for:

8 things to consider before choosing a professional mailing address:

Startups and entrepreneurial ventures are often initiated and run from laptops at home. This saves a great deal of money on leasing commercial office space which is just not an option for most independent businesses just starting. For one thing, commercial leases require a lengthy commitment and unless your superpower is seeing into the future, you don’t actually know how or if your business will succeed for the length of your commercial lease. Another thing to consider, commercial office spaces have been prohibitively expensive to lease in reputable neighborhoods for some time now. For these reasons and others, many small business owners opt to work from home or a nearby coffee shop, to keep business expenses and their overhead low. However, in keeping your horse before your cart, as your business grows, you are going to need a professional business address for many reasons, including:

  •         Receiving legal documents that require a business address for delivery
  •         Enhancing your brand’s image with a professional mailing address in an upscale neighborhood
  •         Accessing a dedicated space to meet with clients that are not your home or a coffee shop
  •         Keeping your business and personal lives separate
  •         Providing an additional layer of security for your private life
  •         Receiving mail and packages
  •         Manage remote teams in South Florida
  •         Safety & Security

Stepping up to your own business address can take many forms as there are several options available to business owners. Deciding on a professional address that fits your needs takes some consideration. Your mailbox should be located somewhere that makes collecting mail and packages convenient. On the other hand, some businesses wanting to expand into new markets can establish themselves on the local scene of these new markets by setting up a business presence in those markets. Some business owners may need to meet with clients in a professional space, while some business owners may also want access to the local business community with their mailbox plan.

Consider CoSuite’s Virtual Office Plans

Which professional address solution is the right one for you?

  •         USPS PO Box
    A basic option for a professional address is to contact the closest United States Postal Service location to rent a PO Box. While you can receive USPS mail and packages with a PO Box address, you can’t receive packages and documents from other carriers such as UPS, FedEx, and Amazon. A PO Box rental is less than $10 per month but costs are expected to increase in 2021. The PO Box option is limited by branch hours of operation and the size of packages. If a package is too large, you will be given a key to a larger locker to collect your packages or receive a note to pick your package up at your post office’s mail service counter.
  •         UPS Store and Pak Mail
    Other vendors, such as UPS and Pak Mail offer private mailboxes with unique addresses. These businesses also accept mail and packages from USPS, FedEx, and other carriers. The UPS Store and Pak Mail also offer lockers for package deliveries or they will sign for your packages so they don’t get left on your doorstep. While these options are excellent for managing your documents and packages, what happens when you need to meet a client in person or if you need a space for a training session? Picking up mail and packages will also be dependent on the location’s business hours.
  •         CoSuite’s Business Mailing Address Package
    Our Virtual Office plans feature professional business addresses in upscale neighborhoods that offer the additional security of knowing your mail and packages are being safely stored at our facilities. Receive a personalized plan and service with CoSuite. Upon arrival, we photograph the item and alert you through your preferred mode of communication. You choose how to receive the mail or simply come pick it up!

Consider CoSuite’s Virtual Office Plans

5 Additional Virtual Mailing Address Considerations

Our CoSuite Virtual Office packages can also provide access to our membership community and events in addition to meeting room rentals at our discounted member rates. Ideal for when you need to meet with new clients or launch new products and services to your clients in a professional environment, equipped with all of the technology, business-class machines, and all of the amenities you need for successful in-person meetings.

Consider your business’s needs in respect to access for:

  • Live Receptionist
    • Our professional receptionists answer your phone calls in addition to transferring calls and recording messages on your company’s behalf. You can review your messages as your schedule dictates, conveniently, from wherever you are at any time. This is a business solution for companies of all sizes. Take a vacation or have an unexpected sick day, knowing your calls are being handled by a dedicated member of our team.
  • Shared Workspaces
    • CoSuite provides the best of coworking while maintaining a professional atmosphere. Our members have access to some of the best South Florida has to offer, with locations in two of the most prestigious South Florida locations, Brickell & Boca Raton. Some of our packages provide access to the open spaces within CoSuite.
  • Meeting Space and Conference Room Availability
    • If you travel or prefer to work from home, you may consider a package that allows you to receive clients and/or hold meetings in South Florida.

Consider CoSuite’s Virtual Office Plans

  •         CoSuite’s Live Receptionist Service
    In addition to handling your mail and packages, CoSuite offers live receptionist service, provided by a dedicated member of our team. Our professional receptionists answer your phone calls in addition to transferring calls and recording messages on your company’s behalf. You can review your messages as your schedule dictates, conveniently, from wherever you are at any time. Also included in CoSuite’s Receptionist Package are meeting room rentals at discounted member rates for in-person meetings with clients, as well as access to community events. With our Virtual Office plans, your company is proudly displayed in our CoSuite company directory.
  •         CoSuite’s Premium Package
    In addition to enhancing your professional image with a CoSuite Virtual Office package and utilizing our mail and package handling services, our Premium Virtual Office package offers our live receptionist answering service no matter where you are around the world. As your base of operations, your Premium Package also includes access to our membership community and community events in addition to meeting rooms that are available at discounted member prices. Extend your business’s image in the next phase of your expansion with our Premium Virtual Office package.
  •         CoSuite’s Platinum Package
    Our most comprehensive Virtual Office package includes a professional mailing address with mail and package handling services and live receptionist services. The Platinum Package also includes four day passes to CoSuite’s common areas and four conference room hours per month. The community aspect is an important feature for work from home professionals trying to expand their brand’s footprints. By joining a flexible, shared office space such as CoSuite, even at the Virtual Office level, you can connect to the local business community and build lasting relationships within the business community.

As is the nature of flexible, shared office spaces, some CoSuite members may start their new businesses or new market interests with a Virtual Office plan and decide to move into a Private Office Suite plan, as their businesses grow. CoSuite can scale with you as your needs for more space require larger spaces or additional office space. It all starts with a professional business address in the desired neighborhood such as Boca Raton and Brickell.

Get a business address and so much more at CoSuite Boca Raton and CoSuite Brickell-Miami!