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The Key Elements of Organizational Behavior

February 11, 2020

Organizational Behavior serves as the foundation for managers to learn how they can produce the best quality work out of their business/organization. Through it, business owners are able to analyze the behavior of individual employees and direct their work ethic in a productive direction. If you are a business owner or you are beginning to start one, learning this business philosophy will tremendously benefit you and your company.

The Key Elements Of Organizational Behavior

To learn about organizational behavior would take up probably a whole college semester. But regardless of how much material there is, there are four key elements to keep in mind when applying organizational behavior theory to the workplace. They are people, structure, technology, and environment.


People refer to the employees working in your organization. They work either in groups or individually and make up the whole working structure. Because the “people” element of organizational behavior is regarded as the most important factor in a business, you should take notice of how you treat them. There is no alternative in the quality of an employee. They help to achieve the organization’s objectives. Learn to manage and treat them properly and in return, your business will thrive. It’s important that you pay as much individual attention to employees as you can. Learning how each one behaves will allow you to know how to treat them in the workplace.


Structure relates to the roles and relationships of those in an organization. It’s important that an employee’s role in the structure is clearly defined to them. It will lead to more work efficiency and employees can avoid confusion. Due to engaging employees in work that fits their skills, business goals are likely to happen. 


With the necessary technology added to your business’ production, tasks can be performed more effectively. Without it, work would be very difficult to perform. Its presence makes business tasks easy not only for employees but also for you. It doesn’t just supply different machines, tools, and resources, but also different methods to accomplish work. How much technology you require depends on how much work needs to be done. Technology provides an important role in work quality and reducing production costs. But be cautious of how much technology interferes in the workplace. It can place a restriction on your employees’ freedom.


Finally, there is the business environment. With it, you must keep in mind both internal and external factors. Organizations aren’t able to thrive on their own and they and the environmental factors surrounding it include government, society, family, and even other organizations. Organizational culture refers to the internal environment within your business structure. The external environment will pertain to political, social, cultural, and economic factors. Make sure to study all these factors properly for the benefit of your business and make necessary changes where you see fit.

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